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Name: Jenny.
Age: 17.
Location: North East England. My accent is full of awesome.
Sexual Orientation: Mnn, I used to think I was straight, but as I got older and more lustful towards girls, I thought I was possibly bisexual. I try to get into relationships with girls now-they don't mind me hitting on them because I'm giggly and happy.
Status: Single. Not currently with someone, although...things are happening.
Occupation:; Uhm, yes, I go to school.

About You
10 Bands:
Argh, I'm really bad with bands, and music. I have an extremely eclectic taste in music, so it honestly depends on my mood. My music isn't particularly underground too, because I'm so lazy when it comes to music, so chances are, if my friends aren't into a particular band, I won't be introduced to it because I'm too lazy to search. :( I will put singers here too, because, yes:

-Ayumi Hamasaki. My favourite song is "Evolution." Her voice is so pretty, that even a sad song sounds happy; when she does do happy songs they're so uplifting and eee oh hooray I feel good. She's also really, really cute.

-Gwen Stefani. My favourite thing about her is that while a lot of No Doubt fans are calling her a sell-out, she just doesn't give a flying fudge and does it for fun and amusement. I like to do things for fun and amusement. Oh, if anybody else refers to her Harajuku girls as "Chinese" again, I'm going to come over and scoop their brain out with a spoon.

-Greenday. Greenday are fun to dance to on their fast songs, and nice to listen on their slower songs, and that's all I care about.

-BoA. I like the way she randomly switches to English in her songs. She's happy and sparkly, and I was cheated in London's chinatown. I was in there because I just was, and I saw BoA's CD. I thought oh wee, I've downloaded some of her songs, they were pretty, I need to buy. It was £20 which is ridiculous for a CD, then I see it has a DVD along with it so me to play, which is enough to justify the price (£10 for each CD, which is good) and I pay the little Chinese man and he says something furious in Chinese to his companion and I skip off all happy. When I get home, the DVD doesn't play! >:! They'd got it directly from China and it wouldn't play and oh god tear.

-Red Hot Chili Peppers. A lot of their old stuff reminds me of my sister, which is a good thing, and what I liked about "By The Way" is that I could distinguish all their songs from eachother, which sometimes doesn't happen on a crappy album.

-Norah Jones (she has the "handsome band", she counts. She makes me all relaxed and sleepy, and "Carousel" helps me to write.

-My Chemical Romance. I danced to "Helena" in a club once. It was immense fun. I was waving hands with my friend during the slow part, and we went all bam bam bam during the fast part. Mmm.

-Blink 182. The newer stuff. When they were talking about ass fucking it was okay, but I prefer their newer stuff, particularly, "I Miss you", which makes me think of a friend of mine.

-Weezer. "Island in the sun" has pretty memories for me and makes me think of summer.

-I am listening to No Doubt someone put on my cd so I shall put that. It's "Oi to the World" and makes me think of dancing in a gay bar I was in.

10 Movies:
Eee, favourite question ever. In no particular order:

-Ichi the Killer. One of my favourite films because I can watch any part and not get bored of it. My favourite part is either the part where Karen is trying to kick the crap out of Kikuhara because it's sexy and so are they, or when Karen gets killed by Ichi, because it's amusing. "I don't want to be raped!" "I know :D!!!" I like Kikuhara and his costumes, too. The guys with the bunny teddy hats make me laugh.

-Versus. This film is amazing, and the guy is so attractive and so is the girl, moreso when he's all sweaty and covered in blood and kicking some zombie ass mm. I like the twitchy guy in the purple suit because he consistantly overacted.

-The Princess Bride. I love this movie and this book. The book has uhm, more background on Fezzick, which I liked, because it tells how Fezzick was a turkish boy going around beating everyone. The movie is good too and I liked the part where Westley outwits the guy with the wine, because he deserved it. Afterwards I kept seeing him in Sabrina the teenage witch or something, and going "eee!" everytime I did.

-The Happiness of the Katakuris. I didn't know what to expect from this movie, because the comic book guy that I was twirling around told me to get it on the basis I had seen Ichi, so I thought oh cool, gore! Then I saw it and was amused, and I liked the girl who was with the large fat man and I wanted to put her in a cage.

-The Wizard of Oz. :3333 I love all the singing and how all the colours suddenly go VING BRIGHT, and how they had to get rid of the old tin man because the dust they covered him with gave him an allergic reaction, and the munchkins, and yes. When I played Jak and Daxter three, they used the same plot device as the WOO, and I yelled and pointed to the screen and told my sister, who didn't care.

-Battle Royale. My favourite was Chiaki Kuriyama and her crotch stabbing, but then I read the manga/novel and it gave new depth to the Mitsuko Souma character and I started to like her more. I like how in Chiaki's scene, the boy says, "You're the coolest girl in the whole world." because she's just been stabbed, and it just goes "hgfjf; wait they're still only fifteen wait." Mm. I want to die that way. :C

-Braindead. I watched it at 2 in the morning, and I was giggling an awful lot, ("YOUR MOTHER ATE MY DOG", "I kick arse for the LORD.") and I liked the gore and blood. The character made me go aw, and the lead girl was so ugly it made me laugh lots. I liked it when the priest beat everyone up and it suddenly went all martial arts. Yes.

-Pulp Fiction. I was watching it and getting bored of this movie. I was thinking, why don't they shut up? What was the point of that scene? What? I want to go run around in circles. Then the last part happened, then the last scene finished and I was just...:O. Everything came together and got wrapped up all in a package so neat and tidy it made me gawp.

-Kill Bill 1. More so than Kill Bill 2. I can recognise the value of Kill Bill 2, but 1 was more like a comic book, and due to personal perference, I enjoy that one more. Although the Pai Mei scene was awesome. No, the Kill Bill Chiaki scene set me off on an old obsession with the girl. I enjoy Tarantino movies and I think one of the reason is because he sets music to his scenes fully intentionally, unlike some teeny movies which just stick on the newest band during a party scene and be done with it.

-Alice in Wonderland. It's my favourite Disney movie, closely followed by Sword in the Stone. "Can you stand on your head?"

Do you read comics or manga? If so which?:

I doooo! We have a Forbidden Planet and a Travelling Man just down from the road of eachother, and I take full advantage of staff at both. I once bought £100 worth of Sandman, and I wanted another sandman spinoff, but I didn't have £12, I only had £11. I asked if I could have it anyway, and they said yes, and I squealed and I hugged the man who owns it.

-The Sandman. Delirium is my favourite fictional character ever, with Brief Lives being my favourite Sandman volume. I love the way Gaiman incoporates myths and fiction with his own stories, and the art is sometimes very, very good.
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-Johnny the Homocidal Maniac. I didn't get this because of Invader Zim, I actuslly just picked it up and went eee, I buy this yes **consume**
-I Feel Sick
-Bear Immortal
-I am saving up for a comic named, "My Monkey is Named Jennifer."

Manga (I know this because they are arranged alphabetically on my shelf.):
-Battle Royale. Ahaha oh god Mitsuko she's so hot oh. :x
-Chobits. Pretty pretty art.
-Di Gi Charat. Cute! And it's nuts, it doesn't make any sense.
-Magic Knight Rayearth.
-Oh! My Goddess. My favourite. :3 I have them all, all of them, and they're all arranged chronogically on my shelf, and they're all mine gerroff. I had an obsession with Urd and have assorted posters and wallscrolls. I have the movie too, yes.
One of my OMG walls:
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-Ranma 1/2. This manga's awesome, it has everything.
-A little bit of Sailor Moon, only I didn't get any more because I wanted to collect others.

Recently read books?:
I love books oh oh :3

-Lolita. (my favourite book, ever.)
-The Handmaid's tale, for english lit.
-The FRUiTS book sort've counts.
-The Blind Assasin.
-The Secrets of Jin-Shei
-I read Memoirs of a Geisha again because I felt like it.

Favourite website and why?
livejournal I live here oh oh.

Are you chic?:
I have that sort've dressing where people either love me and want to examine everything or they think I look ridiculous. I never wear jeans outside of the house, unless to walk my dog in the country or something. I tried to contrast things, like tartan tights and pink ballet shoes, and I don't have a particular scene-I steal from everyone and mix it all up.

Favourite article of clothing?: [pictures are allowed, but no bigger than 400x300px though.]
My dorothy shoes.
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Favourite places to shop?:

I don't have a favourite place. I think if you go to the same place each time for clothes, your style will get old and boring. I have bought a lot of cheap accessories from H and M though, including a long skirt with a tutu underneath I ripped up and customised, and a pair of pink lace gloves.
Have you ever used your Geek chic to pull a member of the preferred sex? If so, tell us about it.
Yes, I got a boyfriend from talking to him about jthm, I nearly have a girlfriend and I'm pretty sure it's the whole movie thing, and I nearly got a boyfriend from movies too. There was a man hitting on me because I liked his favourite manga, and also another man because of my drawing they had stuck up in the comic shop.

How did you find this community?: I'm nintendo_lula's friend, and she mentioned it on her entry.
Why should you be accepted?: because I want a cuddle and :(
Please promote us in 4 places, 2 communities, your journal and one journal other than your own.
It's in the comments:
My journal is friends only, so I thought there'd be no point making a post for it, I didn't want to make a whole new publix entry because that would mess up my first page, if you wanted to add me, and that would make me sad. :(
Because he's joined to eccentrics or something like that, so he might like this too:


Give yourself some more Geek points [completely freeform]
-my favourite shop is a comic shop, where all the staff know me by name, face, and purchases.
-My dog is named spiffy. I wanted her to be called foetus. :(
-I'm a grammar fury monster.
-I laugh at lame jokes. "My dog's got no nose!" "How does it smell?" "Terrible!"
-I am never without a book.
-I like to annotate poetry, for fun.
-I like colouring in anything.
-I write stories almost always.
-going outside is for losers!
-I can tickle myself on the knees
-most of my time is spent on the computer

Give yourself some more Chic points [completely freeform]
-all my clothes I own are fantastical in nature
-I don't do casual.
-I usually have at least two or three shades of eyeshadow on at once.
-I use my hair straighteners as a brush. If I don't have it straight my hair is in natural ringlets. It is never unstyled in some way.
-I accessorise my hair/neck/wrists with ribbons.
-I own two pairs of flat shoes, ever-one pair is for dogwalking. The others are four inches or more.

Pictures [Post as many as you want but keep them no bigger that 400x300 please. Have at least one proper face shot, fringes do not count for Geek or Chic points]


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