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"Frizznit Frizznit Somewhat Hatstand"

Name: Jennifer Katherine Wolk (IRL); aka Mimi (to my neices); aka Oceanna (in game) Pinkninja (on website and messengers)
Age: 21
Location: Texas (IRL), Garona (WoW), Fairy (FFXI), right behind you with an effing rifle bitch (Halo2), in the corner fragging you (Q3)
Sexual Orientation: hetero ^^*
Status: 100% HP 53% MP 0% TP
Occupation: Secondary caregiver (nanny)/ MMORPG gamer

About You
10 Bands: The Postal Service, The Mars Volta (saw in concert recently so freaking awesome), Death Cab for Cutie, MC Chris (Hesh from sealab or mc macpeepants from ATHF)(saw his show in Baltimore)(look I made three side notes in a row), The cars, The get up Kids, Alkaline trio, Taking back Sunday (there are a million more)
10 Movies: Punch Drunk Love, Adaptation, Star Wars episode III-VI (count as one or three? oh well), Evil dead (BOOMSTICK!!!!!!!), Samauria X, Grave of the Fireflies, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Riding in cars with Boys, Legend, labrynth
Do you read comics or manga? If so which?: yes, manga. (stay away from the pita ten series it gave me a headache it was so annoying)
Recently read books?: Hitchhicker's guide, The cat who could walk through walls, Baby Sign language, and Sabriel
Favourite website and why? Hmmm, well I used to be a troll on Moghouse.net but haven't been there in a while. I don't think I have a favorite intraweb site. How bout most visited site instead? Hope that's alright with you guys ^^* Clicky Clicky

Are you chic?: oh yes
Favourite article of clothing?: Duck Hunt shirt.....a constant reminder to all the kids- please don't drink and drive, and always- always play old games.

Have you ever used your Geek chic to pull a member of the preferred sex? If so, tell us about it. YES, current BF. Asked him if he wanted to play tech support and told him I'd like to handle his hard drive, maybe see what his ram could do. So far no complaints..in fact I think he's given me a c++!11oneone

How did you find this community?: Was searching for a WoW rp lj, saw this, looked cool, wanted to be a part of it.
Why should you be accepted?: Because I will play tech support for a yes.... <.< heh just kidding, my bf would dump me like I was dreamcast.
Please promote us in 4 places, 2 communities, your journal and one journal other than your own. Okay, but I think I'll wait to see if I'm given a yes or not, cause I mean, if you reject me I'll be bitter. And then I'll have to go through therapy cause I'll have issues about not being accepted into a nerd community. I mean come on! How cruel is that? Not being cool enough to be a nerd, heh...those losers. <.< *cough* if you reject me, I'll go join the brittany kevin fan club, so help me I WILL DO IT! I'M CRAZY AND I'LL DO IT GOD DAMN IT! *inches slowly towards the link with a mouse clicky happy hand* Flaming fan gurl and boi site for Brittany "hey i'm a huge idoit" Spears

Give yourself some more Geek points G33k points eh? um, my mom thinks I'm cool. +3 I made my own pointless website that is pointless and without point. PINKNINJANESS HOMIE +6 When I'm not working, I'm either with my bf or playing WoW, and when I'm with my bf, I'm on a laptop on his bed playing WoW with him. +9 I cried from the time vader killed the younglings till the movie credits. +2 I make strange jokes that no one gets but me. [example: instead of saying something would sell like hotcakes, I said it would sell like gil. If you luaghed at that you effing rock.] +7 I say effing, not fucking. I just said fucking and it made me laugh...seriously. -6 I less than three my bf. +1,000 I have both a normal lj oceannanewlife and a rp lj _oceanna +5I get turned on when my bf talks nerdy to me. +2 Three words: Adult Swim, +7 I saw MC Chris in person after his show and got to take my picture with him (I even got to grab his ass) +10
Give yourself some more Chic points g1rly points now. I like pink? +8 I really can't think of anything chic, I asked bf and he said I'm very girly, but I think he is saying that because I get upset when my druid on WOW has to wear ugly pants because they have higher armor than a pretty dress. +1 But give me a second I'm thinking. I sleep with a big pink kitty. +2 I'm trying to convince my bf that I need to build a pink hello kitty laptop or my world will forever be shadowed by what could have been possibly the single most incredible laptop man has ever known. OH I KNOW!!!!! +9 I wax my bkini area. If that don't make me a chic I have no idea what does. Do you know how much that shit hurts? All for the sake of not being a monkey down there. Thats way girly. Right? +4.12

*flashes you all hoping to get some brownie points* (yes they are real)
Konichiwa geekgirlchic/ _oceanna & Oceannasnewlife
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