dizzydrkangel (dizzydrkangel) wrote in geekgirlchic,

frizznit frizznit hatstant somewhat

Name: Amanda
Sexual Orientation: big homo
Status: student
Occupation:About You</b></u>
10 Bands:ani difranco, garbage, pearl jam
10 Movies:wedding singer, eternal sunshine on the spotless mind, lost in translation
Do you read comics or manga? If so which?: i dabble
Recently read books?: american gods by neil gaiman (10th time reading it)
Favourite website and why? facebook-cuz it says I have friends

Are you chic?: I probably try too hard to be chic
Favourite article of clothing?: my beanie hat [pictures are allowed, but no bigger than 400x300px though.]
Favourite places to shop?: walmart for everything but clothes-
Have you ever used your Geek chic to pull a member of the preferred sex? If so, tell us about it. hell no, i havent mastered that!

How did you find this community?: dorks unite
Why should you be accepted?: cuz im a pretty cool dork
Please promote us in 4 places, 2 communities, your journal and one journal other than your own. if I get accepted I sure as hell will


Give yourself some more Geek points [completely freeform] I enjoy my biology classes....i look forward to lab. I'm a computer nerd and I love making websites and being on the internet. I rarely wear socks with my shoes,
Give yourself some more Chic points [completely freeform]

Pictures [Post as many as you want but keep them no bigger that 400x300 please. Have at least one proper face shot, fringes do not count for Geek or Chic points] I hate to say it, but im not sure how to post a pic on here.....lol
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