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Geek Girl Chic

Geek-chic rating community for boys and girls

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to GeekGirlChic
This is a rating community for Geeks with Chic. It's open to Females and Males alike, despite the name of the community. I thought I better open it up to both sexes, can't have me being sexist now can we?

Rules for Applicants:
1. Apply as soon as you post, if you don't post an application within 3 days then you'll be automatically banned.
2. Please post application behind an LJ cut and put "Frizznit Frizznit Somewhat Hatstand" in the subject line just so I know you read the rules. Also either bold the questions or colour them, if you're a geek I'd expect you to know simple html and hexidecimal.
3. Post no pictures bigger that 400x300 please. Make sure one has a decent facial shot and also make sure there is one with you holding up a sign saying "Hello GeekGirlChic" with you username also on it.
4. Do not give stamped members shit. It's not right, k?
5. If you're rejected you can re-apply again after a week of being rejected, you are only allowed to do this twice though, if you are rejected twice try applying somewhere else.
6. If you're accepted then please comment to my first post with a suggestion of something to add to the interests list.
7. Do not comment on posts until you've been accepted.
8. If you get rejected do not delete your application, do not be pissy with Admin, Mods or Members. This is a rating community, you can't expect everyone to say yes!

9. Do Not edit your application, exceptions to this rule is to correct grammar or to add a cut if you forgot. If anything changes drastically you'll be banned completely.
10. Put effort into your applications, if you can't be bothered to write a decent app I can't be bothered to read it.


Rules for Members:
1. Don't give unconstructive critism, give reasons for denying people please.
2. Don't flame each other too much, disagreements are fine, but flaming is BAD, k?
3. Post pictures behind an LJ Cut.
4. Only promote communities that will be of genuine interest to the community, for example, Geeking related ones.
5. Keep posts pretty much on topic.
6. Please be active in the community. Rate as much as possible and make other posts too :D.
7. Post nudity if you want to. Just cut it with a warning.



I am currently looking for moderators. I'll be watching peoples posts in this and then make a decision based on who I feel is the most appropriate. I need 2 Mod's, preferably one male and one female. I will be back with a mod application just as soon as I make it.

Please promote us, we need more people, and it's a nice thing to do. I even made a banner for yuor conveniance :)

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